What is the NYECC?

History of the Organization
New York Energy Consumers Council (NYECC) is the largest energy customer advocacy organization in New York State. Our heritage includes a half-century of successful regulatory intervention as the Owners’ Committee on Electric Rates, Inc. and nearly two decades of education, regulatory intervention, and members’ representation as the New York Energy Buyers Forum, Inc. Members of NYECC represent a broad spectrum of energy buyers, including hospitals, universities, financial institutions, residential and commercial property managers, public benefit corporations, energy service companies, and energy consumers or groups of consumers in Con Edison’s service territory.


Past Performance
Historically, we have been an integral part of the public rate making process, saving Con Edison’s electric and steam customers millions upon millions of dollars. More recently, our efforts have been instrumental in mitigating, creating and/or improving:

  • Demand response programs (we proposed the first one in Con Ed territory)
  • Elimination of sales tax on delivery of natural gas and power
  • Caps on summer wholesale peak power pricing (which impacts your monthly Market Supply Charge)
  • Economic development rates (e.g. Power for Jobs, Business Incentive Rate)
  • NYSERDA funding options
  • ICAP opportunities (for those having on-site generation)
  • Emissions regulations that impact use of on-site generation
  • Proposed federal rules on wholesale markets and grid regulations


Current Activity
Our consolidated organization worked together to negotiate a settlement of the Con Ed steam rate case that will save our members millions of dollars during the next two years. On June 10th, the Public Service Commission (PSC) staff recommended its approval by the Commission. During that effort, we were the only interveners to focus on potentially draconian re-design of steam rates that could have exposed you to an unfair share of the rate increase.


Why Your Membership Is Important
We are a not-for-profit organization whose Board of Directors work exclusively on a volunteer basis – but the expert witnesses we need to retain to analyze and prepare testimony before the PSC need, and deserve, substantial compensation. This means that every dollar we collect goes toward our goal of reducing your energy costs. The more dollars at our disposal, the more effective we can be.


What Will You Get?

  • Admission to our quarterly seminars that keep you informed of topical energy issues that affect you.
  • “Power Moves” – our newsletter and bulletins that update you on regulatory issues, utility pricing trends, events and other items in the news.
  • Chances to participate in a myriad of activities that help you save money.
  • Networking opportunities to share experiences and to meet the experts.
  • Exclusive access to the members-only section of the NYECC website, another valuable source of information.


How Can You Join?
Complete the application form and call 212-616-5118 if you have any questions.